Real Estate Law

The expertise of Real Estate Lawyers extends across both residential and commercial real estate sectors. We offer top notch advice and services to help our clients purchase and sell their homes, cottages and offices and whilst also helping clients to capitalize on their opportunities, manage risk, and resolve any disputes that may arise.  The practical advice we provide, based on our years of experience handling all types of real estate matters, assists our clients in making the informed legal, personal and business decisions critical to their successful and happy purchase or sale of real estate.

Corporate Law

We offer business solutions powered by lawyers. Whether you are in the early stages of business creation,  or you are a growing company looking for legal assistance on any of your corporate matters, or you are an established business preparing for expansion, restructuring or sale, Valin Partners corporate lawyers turn experience into tangible results, while utilizing forward-thinking strategies to contribute to your ongoing success.

Valin Partners LLP helps businesses and organizations with legal services relating to set-up, acquisitions, sales, financing, leasing, employment issues, corporate records and other contractual affairs.

Wills and Estate Law

The Wills and Estates lawyers here at Valin Partners LLP can help ensure that the assets you have carefully built are preserved, protected and passed on in the way you intend by tapping into their vast depth of experience and vast breadth of knowledge in this area of the law.    Planning Wills and Estates includes consideration of a wide range of personal, family and legal issues. Our lawyers can help you set up Wills, Estates, Trusts and other tools that help you preserve wealth and shift it to your beneficiaries in the way you want.

Your entire Estate is carefully considered, including family businesses, real estate holdings, income properties, trusts, charitable entities, pension funds and insurance strategies to provide a comprehensive view of all your options. 

We are also able to prepare Powers of Attorney for both Property and Personal Care in a manner and efficiency that will ensure a continuity of care and property management that you deserve in your most vulnerable times.

Estate Litigation Law

While thorough and well-considered estate planning for every individual can ensure to some extent that your property is distributed in line with your sincere wishes after your death, unfortunately, even the best plans can sometimes fail and disputes regarding an estate can arise even prior to a death.

Legal issues regarding Trusts, Estates and Powers of Attorney can often result in contentious and resource-consuming litigation and can cause deep rifts in families. The Estate Litigation lawyers at Valin Partners LLP are able to provide its clients with experience and understanding and we strive to help every client resolve any disputed estates in the most amicable and efficient way possible to limit the effects on your family while preserving or establishing your rights and the assets of the Estate.

Employment & Labour Law

The Employment Lawyers at Valin Partners LLP realize that whether you’re an employee or an employer, in this world of increasingly complex employment relationships, it is crucial to provide clients with constructive and practical legal services as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  Our lawyers understand that litigation is not always the best solution. We encourage and facilitate the negotiation of fair resolutions whenever possible. Should attending court be necessary, our lawyers are ready, able and willing to clients you in a professional and effective manner before all levels of court, the Ontario Ministry of Labour, the Ontario Labour Relations Board, and the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

Our lawyers are also able to provide advice and representation with regards to termination of employment, the interpretation and/or preparation of offers of employment, employment contracts, severance agreements, collective agreements, human resource policies and notices of termination, and to provide advice and representation with regard to the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The Labour Law Lawyers at Valin Partners LLP realize that both the public and private sectors are faced with an increasingly difficult and complex set of laws and regulations. Our lawyers provide a variety of specialized services to both unions and employers, including grievance and interest arbitration, collective bargaining, all Labour Board proceedings, and representation before the Courts.

Family Law

Family law matters affect the core of our most professional and intimate relationships. Some are quite straightforward. Many others involve complicated disputes that can take a toll on our mental and physical well-being, and the well-being of our children, extended family and friends. The family law lawyers here at Valin Partners LLP know you want complete information and all of your considerations explored. We take the time to understand your needs, to clearly and fully explain your options, and then help you to explore how each will affect you, your family and your finances – now and in the future. Our lawyers will draft agreements on marriage and cohabitation, parenting and division of assets; represent clients at every step of the litigation process, including appearing at judicial case conferences and at necessary court appearances up to and including trial; consult with Valin Partners colleagues from related practices such as real estate, wills and estates and attend mediations with clients.

Municipal Law

The municipal lawyers at Valin Partners LLP regularly provides advice and opinions to our municipal clients in Northeastern Ontario in connection with the Municipal Act and other legislation, procedural and governance matters, privacy legislation, municipal by-law enforcement and issues arising from the general operations of a municipality. This also includes drafting and negotiating corporate and commercial contracts, attending Council and other committee or staff meetings to provide opinions and make presentations on legal issues as required. Some of the specific tasks our lawyers can assist with include: municipal tax sales, land use planning and development, representation at the Ontario Municipal Board, other Provincial Tribunals and the Superior Court of Justice, enforcement of Building Code Act violations and property standards violations, general and specific advice and representation relating to employee hiring, discipline and dismissal, advice and services with respect to municipal property acquisitions and dispositions, expropriations and highways, advice with respect to environmental legislation , and the handling of matters that have resulted in litigation before the courts.

Civil & Commercial Litigation Law

The Civil Litigation Lawyers here at Valin Partners LLP provide clients with advice and representation through the entire process of taking a case through court. Our lawyers obtain real, measurable results for individuals and businesses.
Our lawyers recognize that sometimes the only option to resolve a dispute is to go to court and in those cases our lawyers have the experience and expertise needed. We also understand, however, that sometimes, the best litigators avoid litigation altogether and that a trial is not always in our client’s best interest. We recognize the pressure of the expense, risk and uncertainty associated with trial. We have a long track record of achieving early resolution of claims without the unnecessary expenditure of time and resources. Our goal is to find the straightest line possible to the best resolution of your case.

Construction Law

The Construction Law lawyers of Valin Partners LLP have the knowledge and experience to assist with any legal challenges our clients face related to the construction industry. Our lawyers provide advice to builders, owners, general contractors, subcontractors, municipalities, universities, suppliers, and financial institutions on a wide range of issues related to construction law and liens.

We represent clients in negotiation, mediation or arbitration hearings for all construction-related matters, as well as providing advice and assistance with construction and real estate litigation including: Construction liens, bonding claims, Breaches of contract, Building code disputes, Construction delays, Construction disputes, Deficiency claims, Design defects and Negligence claims.

Criminal Law

A criminal charge is serious and can significantly affect your personal and professional life. At Valin Partners LLP, we defend individuals whose freedom is at stake. Our mission is to achieve successful results in your criminal case. We advocate for accused persons from their bail hearing to their trial. If you or someone you care about is looking for a criminal lawyer, please contact us.